On Dec 9th a “feral” kitten was brought to Northwood on emergency.  He was from a feral colony living near the LeRoy Collins Public Library (Park and Bronough).  He had been socialized by library staff and community members-he is very sweet.  The kitten (name Tommy) was hit by a car the week before.  He was finally found Dec. 9th, very injured. He was not able to use his rear legs well.  There was bloody mucoid discharge from his nostrils and he couldn’t seem to close his mouth fully.  Xrays showed fractures of his right upper jaw and facial bone; a large inguinal hernia (his urinary bladder and some of small intestines were now located outside of the body, just under the skin near the left rear leg); and the head of his left femur was fractured.  Euthanasia was considered with as severe as his injuries were.  Ultimately he was relinquished to Northwood for care. A feeding tube was placed and he was started on IV fluids, IV antibiotics and pain medications.  Once he was stable, he had surgery (12-18-20) to neuter him and repair the large hernia.  It was a difficult surgery and the surgeon wasn’t sure it would work due to how large the abdominal wall defect was, but it did work.  Once that surgery site healed, Tommy had another surgery 1-14-21 to perform an FHO (femoral head osteotomy) to remove the fractured ball of femur.  Tommy has been such a love, throughout everything he has gone through.  He is a favorite of techs and doctors at Northwood.  But it is time for him to find his forever home.  Tommy is FeLV/FIV negative, has been treated for intestinal parasites, microchipped and fully vaccinated.  He really needs to be an indoor cat after all the surgeries he had.  He has used up some of his “9 Lives” and needs to live a protected, loved life.

Name: Tommy
Species: Feline/ DMH
Current Location: Fat Cat Cafe
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100