On November 30th a 4 year old female spayed pit-bull (est. DOB 11-30-15) was brought to Northwood on emergency. She had escaped the yard the night before, found on the porch the next day with abrasions on her body, unable to use her right front leg. X-rays showed a severe dislocation and possible fracture of right elbow. Surgical options were discussed with the owner. The decision was made to amputate the right front leg. She had surgery to amputate the leg 12-5-19 and was discharged from the hospital soon after. She was brought back Dec.18th with dehiscense (wound separation) and severe infection of the surgical site. A friend of the owner, who was caring for the dog while he was out of town, reported she was running in the back yard and ran into a 2 x 4, opening up the incision. At this point, the incision was badly infected and some of the tissue was devitalized. The owner came in and decided to relinquish the dog as he could not provide for the care she needed. We renamed her Stevie Nicks. Stevie’s wounds were managed medically with heavy duty antibiotics and bandage changes until the infection had cleared. She then had another surgery 1-1-20 to close the wound. She is heart-worm negative and current on her vaccines. She was treated for hook worms. Stevie had done well and is now ready for a new home. She is not good with cats and barks at new dogs she meets. She would be best as the only pet in the household.

Name: Stevie Nicks
Species: Canine/ Pit bull
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: est.11/30/15
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100