Stein is a orange tabby DSH male neutered, DOB 10-13-2018.  He originally came to Northwood Animal Hospital on emergency by his owner April 13, 2021.  He had been treated at his regular vet for a urethral obstruction, causing him to be unable to urinate.  He was anesthetized and obstruction was relieved. He was in the hospital for medical treatment for 3 days and tube was removed.  He immediately re-blocked.  At this point, the owner was unable to continue Stein’s care so he relinquished him to the hospital.  Stein is such a sweetheart, it broke his heart to do it.  Stein then had a penile urethrostomy surgery so his anatomy is more similar to a female cat, making future obstruction unlikely.  Incidentally, we discovered he is missing his right kidney, but is getting along fine with just the left.  The owner again expressed interest in paying Stein’s bill to reclaim him, but he ultimately moved away without him.  Stein will need to be on special urinary tract diet for life.  He is more prone to urinary tract infections with his rebuilt urethra (had a treated UTI in July).  In October, he provided life saving blood for a kitten in need of transfusion.  Stein is in need of a home that will be willing to provide him the special care he needs.  He will repay you in love and affection.

Name: Stein
Species: DSH
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: 10/13/18
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $75