On Nov. 19th a former CARE kitten was returned to us. Starburst is a 4 1⁄2 year old spayed female DSH brown tabby (DOB 7-4-15). She originally came to CARE as part of a litter of 5 feral 1 week old kittens Aug. 24, 2015. They were found Gerald Dr. The momma cat was
missing so the litter was hand-raised in the hospital. Starburst was adopted Sept. 16, 2015 and was lost to follow up. On Nov. 19th, 2019 a different person returned her to CARE. His roommate (the original adopter) had moved and left Starburst behind. The new owner took care of her for as long as he could but his living situation had changed, becoming homeless, and he could no longer keep her. Starburst was quite obese when she rejoined CARE, had fleas and an ear infection that was treated. Starburst did not do well upon returning to the hospital. It took her some time to start eating well. She was likely quite stressed. Starburst is doing much better. She is on a weight loss program. Now she needs a second chance at a home.

Name: Starburst
Species: Feline/ Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female /Spayed
Birthday: est.7/4/15
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $75