July 12, 2019 we had a puppy relinquished to Northwood for care. The puppy was the focus of a Facebook campaign to get him the care he needed. That evening, the owner came to Northwood and relinquished him. He is an 11 week old (DOB 4-28-19) pitbull mix that was run over by his owner accidentally with a truck. The puppy had “road rash” abrasions, bloody urine (trauma to bladder) and could not use his left rear leg. X-rays showed a left femur fracture and luxation of left hip. Surgery was performed for this puppy we call Shane to place an external fixator (pins drilled through bone and held together using a rod outside of the body. Shane’s external fixture has been removed, he has been neutered and vaccinated and is doing great. He is now ready for adoption.

Name: Shane
Species: Canine/ Pitbull Mix
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: est. 04/28/19
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $150