On March 19th a gentleman arrived at Northwood during emergency hours with 2 neurologic puppies. There were from a litter his back yard dog (a Australian Heeler) had had 6 weeks earlier (est. DOB 2-5-19). These 2 puppies were unable to stand, very weak in the rear legs especially and had whole body tremors. The cause of their neurologic signs were unknown. Rule outs included malnutrition (both puppies were heavily loaded with intestinal parasites and fleas), infectious (distemper virus?), congenital defect of the brain or toxicity. The owner relinquished the 2 puppies for care. The were started on aggressive treatment. It took a few days before they were strong enough to eat but they got there. It took another week before the neurologic signs abated but now they are normal happy puppies. Toffee is black and white female with a cute white strip down her face and Poppy is a tan female with beautiful blue green eyes. The girls are proceeding through their deworming protocols, puppy vaccines series and have been spayed. Now all they need is a place to call home.

Name: Poppy
Species: Canine/Australian Heeler Mix
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: est 2/5/2019
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $150