On January 4th, 2019 Dr. Brumfield received a phone call from one of the veterinarians at Lakewood Animal Hospital. Dr. Richardson had examined a 1 year old male neutered black lab named Luther the day before. Luther had fallen out of a moving truck and present to their hospital. He was unable to stand in the rear and obvious fractures could be palpated in both rear legs. Xrays showed a fracture of the end piece of tibial bone on the right rear leg and another fracture in the middle of the tibial bone of the left rear leg. Luther is a big boy at 78lbs. These were not the types of fractures that were going to heal well with casting. Luther needed surgery. Luther’s owners could not afford the expense of orthopedic surgery for both rear legs. They signed him over to Lakewood Animal Hospital. That hospital called us to see if Luther could be admitted to the CARE program, as his needs were above what they could provide. We obliged. Luther was transferred to Northwood 1-4-19. He had surgery 1-7-19 to repair the fractures (cross pins and casting of right rear leg; external fixator of left rear leg). All told, Luther was in surgery for 5 hours. He is in the recovery period. Luther is healing nicely and is ready for his forever home!

Name: Luther
Species: Canine/Black Lab
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: est 1/1/2018
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $150