On Dec. 20th a 6 ½ month old black and white male Pitbull was relinquished to Northwood.  The owner reported he was vomiting and having diarrhea so there was some concern about Parvo.  Parvo test was negative, fecal was negative and the puppy did not exhibit any vomit or diarrhea in hospital. He is actually quite healthy.  The owner did not wish to reclaim him so he became a ward of CARE.  Juan has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His markings are quite striking.  He is available for adoption. He will need some training but if you are up for it, Juan would be quite the addition to your home. Juan will do best in a home with no small children and his dog pal should be his size or bigger.

Name: Juan
Species: Canine/ Pitbull
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: 05/15/20
Current Location: The Animal Hospital & Pet Resort at Southwood
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100