On May 12, 2024 a very sick puppy was rushed to Northwood Animal Hospital on emergency.  Owner was carrying the puppy who was having SEVERE, whole body tremors.  A tentative diagnosis of toxicity was made, causing the severe neurologic signs in the pup. Owner mentioned she had been “playing with a rat” that had fallen out of their ceiling after her boyfriend treated with rat poison.  Some rat poisons can cause neurologic signs such as this. 

IV catheter was placed in preparation for treatment when owner advised she did not have any money for treatment.  This was her boyfriend’s dog (he had found her as a stray 10 days earlier).  She relinquished the puppy to us so emergency medications could be administered and said her boyfriend would come pay the bill and pick up the puppy.  That did not happen.  The owner let us know the next evening they would not be able to reclaim her.  While in hospital, she was given a dose of Diazepam and her tremors subsided.  She then vomited a large amount, including pieces of plastic and black fabric. Not rat parts identified.  

The puppy responded quite well to treatment.  Fecal test showed hookworms so she was treated for that as well and started on vaccines.  The puppy is estimated to be about 5 months old (DOB 12-12-23).  She is 26lb female brindle and white, looks like she is a hound mix.  We named her Jolene.  Jolene has been spayed and is proceeding through her puppy vaccines.  She is such a sweet pup-loves everyone.  Now she just needs a home that can keep her from eating things she shouldn’t! 

Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: 12/12/23
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100