On April 3rd someone left a momma and her 5 puppies (eyes closed with umbilical cords still attached) at a board member’s home. The puppies are now weaned and ready for their forever homes. Mom has been adopted, she is a terrier type breed about 8 pounds. These guys are expected to be about 6-7 pounds as adults (but no guarantee since these are mixed breed puppies). 

Harold: male, black with very little white
Kumar: male, black with white spot – ADOPTED
White Castle: male, white with brown patch on his eye -ADOPTED
Lilly: female white and black – ADOPTED
Scarlet: female tan – ADOPTED

Name: Jazmin Puppies
Gender:  3 Male/Neutered and 2 Female/Spayed
Birthday: 4/1/24
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $400