On Nov. 26th an estimated 8 month old (DOB 3-29-20) black and white male Pitbull was brought to Northwood on emergency. He  had jumped off a 3 foot wall and landed poorly the day before.  He immediately came up lame in the right rear leg.  He was still not willing to use the right rear leg at all at time of exam.  Radiographs showed fractures of the right tibia and fibula at the level of stifle/knee. The owner relinquished him so he could get the surgery he needed.  We named him Ham Bone (the name fits). Ham Bone was treated for internal and external parasites.  He was also vaccinated.  Ham Bone had surgery 12-3-20 to cross pin the avulsed piece of bone at the top of his tibia.  Surgery was difficult as the surgical site had fibrosed in and the avulsed piece of bone was so fragile that it broke into small pieces.  The surgeon finally got some degree of reattachment to the damaged bone then he placed the leg in a cast to restrict Ham Bone’s movement on the tenuous repair.  The day after surgery, Hambone started vomiting and having diarrhea.  A parvo test was positive.  Hambone was treated for Parvo and did well.  Within 2 days Hambone was eating again, doing well. He is neutered and ready to be adopted. Now this goof ball is ready for his forever home.

Name: Hambone
Species: Canine/ Pitbull
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: 03/29/20
Current Location: The Animal Hospital & Pet Resort at Southwood
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100