On February 27, 2021 Northwood received a call from a staff member at Cumberland Animal Hospital in Havana, FL.  They had a client who was struggling to manage their dog’s medical issues.  Gunner is a 2 year old male neutered (DOB 3-25-19) Black Lab/Hound mix.  He had been struggling with allergic dermatitis for over a year.  Unfortunately the owners could not afford the medications needed to manage Gunner so they were looking to rehome him. Cumberland recommended him to CARE-Gunner is such a sweet boy, he just needs someone prepared to help him with his allergies.  Dr. Gwynn put Gunner on medications for his allergies (Apoquel and medicated shampoo) and he is doing great. His vaccines have been updated, he is microchipped and negative for heartworms.  He will need to be on good flea control for life and certain foods might aggravate his skin.  If you are willing to bring this sweet 63lb boy into your life, even with his issues, come meet him at Southwood Animal Hospital.

Name: Gunner
Species: Canine/ Lab/Hound mix
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: 03/25/19
Current Location: The Animal Hospital & Pet Resort at Southwood
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100