On April 10th a 6 week old pit bull puppy (male, brown and white, born 02/28/18) was brought to Northwood. He had fallen 2 stories off a balcony and could no longer use his right rear leg. His owners signed him over to Northwood for further care. X-rays showed a fracture of his right femur. Gandalf the Brown had surgery April 17th to have cross pins put in the bone to align his fracture so it would heal straight. X-rays 3 weeks post surgery show Gandalf’s fracture has healed nicely- and he is no longer lame on that leg. Gandalf has been neutered and is progressing through his puppy vaccines. He is ready to go to a new home.

On July 21, Gandalf was able to attend an adoption event with kittens. He behaved very well and the kittens he was with didn’t seem to mind. Such a sweet puppy!

Name: Gandalf the Brown

Species: Canine/Pit Bull Mix

Gender: Male/Neutered

Birthday: 2/28/2018

Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital

Minimum Adoption Donation: $150