On February 1, 2022 a very sick stray kitten was brought to Northwood.  He was found at Lake Bradford area.  He presented with eye infection and severe ulceration of his mouth, with his tongue discolored and the tip of the tongue was badly damaged.  It was unknown if the oral lesions were a thermal or chemical burn, or could be from a severe upper respiratory tract infection called Calicivirus.  Fig was isolated from other cats in case he was infectious and aggressive treatment started.  His mouth was so painful he could not eat.  Finally, after a week of aggressive treatment with IV fluids and antibiotics, Fig started to eat again.  He was treated for fleas and tapeworm infection.  Exam showed that he only had 1 testicle in his scrotum, a condition called cryptorchidism.  Fig’s neuter was much more complicated because of that.  He had an abdominal exploratory surgery looking for the retained testicle.  No identifiable testicle was found, though the  spermatic cord was identified and traced back to it’s source.  The removed tissue was submitted.  It confirmed epididymal tissue, but no testicle.  It seems that Fig’s second testicle just never formed. He’s recovered and ready for adoption.

Name: Fig
Species: DSH
Gender: Male/Neutered
Current Location: Fat Cat Cafe
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100