On March 23, 2022 a 4-5 month old male neutered grey and white kitten was brought to Northwood Animal Hospital on emergency.  He was clearly injured, holding up his right front paw.  The toes of his right front paw were deviated laterally and the paw was swollen, all consistent with fractured metacarpals (toes).  The owner had adopted him from a local rescue several months prior.  She was not present when the kitten was injured-her son says he jumped off the TV stand, landed wrong and immediately cried out in pain and ran away. An estimate was provided to the owner for sedation to get good x-rays. The kitten was so painful that sedation was needed to look at him-he was very fractious due to pain.  The owner was waiting in her car.  She asked to go home as her 5 year old child needed to get home to be.  She said she would call back with payment and would send us authorization for sedation for x-rays.  She did not respond to repeated calls that night.  We could not let him sit in pain so we proceeded with sedation for x-rays which confirmed  that he had 4 fractured metacarpal bones of the right front paw.  Much more severe of injury than would be expected with just jumping off a 3 foot TV stand. A splint was placed on the leg to support the bones and provide some comfort while healing.  He was also started on good pain medications.  The owner called back the next day stating she had been in a car accident on the way home. With the financial concerns with repairing a car now, she did not think she could reclaim the kitten.  We asked her to sign paperwork to relinquish him but she ceased contact.  A relinquishment letter was mailed to her address, no contact made still.  So he is considered abandoned at this time.  We tested him for FeLV/FIV and resumed his kitten vaccines as he had not been to a vet since his adoption.  We renamed him Eugene.  Eugene is out of his splint and doing well.  Though fractious when he first arrived (likely from pain), Eugene has become such a sweet heart.  He loves to hug. Eugene is ready for his forever home. 

Name: Eugene
Species: DSH
Gender: Male/Nuetered
Birthday: 11/23/21
Current Location: Northwood
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100