On Feb 26, 2022 an emaciated, almost skeletal dog was brought to Northwood Animal Hospital during emergency hours.  He was a 1 year old (DOB 2-26-21) chocolate and white Pitbull. His owner had left him in the care of her boyfriend.  It appears that care was lacking. He was hospitalized and aggressive treatment initiated for severe electrolyte abnormalities, hypothermia, dehydration, malnourishment and hookworm infection.  The dog was so weak he could not stand. His coat was covered in urine and feces with open wounds on his feet (decubital ulcers).  The owner relinquished him for treatment.  It was initially unknown if he would survive, as he was so close to death when he presented to us.   Food had to be reintroduced carefully to prevent organ shut down from “refeeding syndrome.”   It took a few days, but gradually he developed the strength to stand and walk again.  When he arrived, he was 25 lbs.  Somewhere around 45 lbs is what he should have weighed. It has taken some time, but the dog we named Costco (because he eats all the groceries now) is on the road to health.  He is voracious about food now.  You have to be careful giving him treats as he snatches them without paying attention to where the treat stops and fingers start.  This poor neglected soul is incredibly sweet considering what he has gone through.  Costco has been neutered, microchipped and we made sure his vaccines are up to date.  Now he just needs a loving home to help him heal from his ordeal. Costco will be best in a home where he is the center of attention (no children or other animals). 

Name: Costco
Species: Pitbull
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: 2/26/21
Current Location: The Resort at Southwood
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100