On August 24th a very sick puppy presented to Northwood on emergency. He was an 8 week old Boxer/Hound mix, brown and white male. He was critically anemic, with a PCV of 15. He was vomiting worms and was very weak. He was loaded with hook worms, coccidia and fleas. The puppy was relinquished for care and received a blood transfusion and was treated not only for parasites but also for a secondary skin infection/ringworm he developed later. His DOB is 7-1-19. At 13 weeks of age now, he is only 11 lbs. His name is Champ. Champ is progressing thought his puppy vaccines and has been neutered. He is now available for adoption.

Name: Champ
Species: Canine/ Boxer-Hound Mix
Gender: Male/Neutered
Birthday: est. 07/01/19
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $150