On October 15th a litter of 2 ill kittens were brought to Northwood. The owner of the kittens lived in Quincy. Her husband died in the hurricane (a tree fell through the house and he was pinned). The previous owner was living in a hotel and could not keep the kittens. The kittens (cream tabby, Geraldine and torbie Bertha, est. DOB 9-1-18) had severe ringworm, suffered from diarrhea from coccidia and were flea ridden. We started treatment on the kittens. Two weeks after arrival, Geraldine developed a rapidly progressing neurologic disease that she eventually succumbed to. Bertha developed a fever a few days later but she responded to medication and her infection did not progress like her sister’s did. Bertha was noted to have a defect to her left eye lid that caused the hair above her eye to rub on her cornea, causing her discomfort. On Nov. 30th she had surgery to be spayed and modified entropion surgery was performed to lift the hair
away from that eye. Bertha has completed her kitten vaccine series, is microchipped and all her infections are cleared. She can have a bit of an attitude, being somewhat mouthy when it comes to play. She needs some guidance in the appropriate way to play. What better place for that the Fat Cat Cafe!

Name: Bertha
Species: Feline/ Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: est. 9/1/2018
Current Location: Fat Cat Cafe
Minimum Adoption Donation: $100