On March 17th Northwood Animal Hospital received a transfer from Fat Cat Cafe. She is an adult cat (est. DOB 3-17-19) that was part of the feral cat colony at FSU. She is named Bernadette. Bernadette had been limping for about a week and then disappeared for a few days. When she returned to the area, volunteers at FSU caring for the colony noticed her left rear leg was swollen and she was holding it up. Bernadette is one of the few handleable cats in the colony so she was caught and turned over to Fat Cat Cafe. From there she was transferred to CARE for medical treatment. Bernadette had a severe infection of her left hock that involved not only the skin and soft tissues but also the hock joint. She was put on medications and responded well to treatment. She is walking soundly now. She is quite the love too. Bernadette has been tested for FeLV/FIV, microchipped and vaccinated. She was harboring some serious intestinal parasites when she arrived (hook worms, round worms and Physaloptera-stomach worms) for which she was treated. Her tipped left ear indicates she was spayed prior to her arrival with us. She was transferred back to Fat Cat Cafe 5-6-20 to be made available for adoption.

Name: Bernadette
Species: Feline/ Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: est 3/17/19
Current Location: Fat Cat Cafe
Minimum Adoption Donation: $75