On October 3, 2021, a gravely ill momma cat came to Northwood on emergency.  She had delivered a litter of kittens earlier in the day (her third litter according to owners) but this time, she had a serious complication.  She had prolapsed her uterus through her vagina such that most of her reproductive tract was now outside of her body.  She was underweight, flea infested and very pale.  The kittens were gone, no one knows what happened to them.  She was a 3 year old DSH Dilute Tortishell.  She needed an emergency blood transfusion and emergency surgery. The owners relinquished her to Northwood for emergency treatment.  She survived, and is now a CARE pet. Her est. DOB is 1-1-18.  She is negative for FeLV/FIV, has completed her vaccines and has been spayed so no more babies for her.  Now she just needs a forever home.  We named her Bea Arthur.  

Name: Bea Arthur
Species: DSH
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: 1/1/18
Current Location: Fat Cat Cafe
Minimum Adoption Donation: $75