On Sept. 22nd a rough looking stray was brought into Northwood. She was found near intersection of Hwy 267 and Hwy 20. She was unable to walk and had an obvious fracture to her left rear leg. There was more going on with this dog. Her skin was covered in crusts and scale. She had infections of both ears. We weren’t even sure what color or breed of dog she was. A skin scrape showed she had severe generealized demodectic manage. Xrays showed a fracture of her left femur, likely from being hit by a car. It took 5 days before the Husky mix we named Scabby Abby could even walk again. We gave her an estimated DOB of 1-23-18. Abby was not sure about this leash thing but she learned. She had surgery Oct. 8th to try and repair the fracture. Surgery was difficult due to callus already formed and contracture of the muscles. A pin and a plate were placed in hopes of saving the leg. We are still unsure if Abby will every use the
leg normally again. We hope that her current non usage of the leg is due to a pin rubbing on a nerve. Abby is such a sweet, quiet girl who loves to pull the stuffing out of toys. Unfortunately the repair broke down and Scabby Abby (who is not so scabby anymore) had her left rear leg amputated. Abby was spayed on December 5th and is ready for her furever family!

Name: Abby
Species: Canine/ Husky Mix
Gender: Female/Spayed
Birthday: est. 1/23/2018
Current Location: Northwood Animal Hospital
Minimum Adoption Donation: $150